Tank systems for fuel or water

Landcruiser mit Heay-Duty-Kraftstofftank von CCM


Nearly nothing compares to it: Extremely resistant against impact, exceptionally tear-proof and stress resistant even in extreme hot or arctic temperatures, pressure resistant in ­every way, resistant against aggressive chemicals, particularly light, flexible and non-corrosive.
Practically incompatible qualities? No! We are talking about the best approved material for fuel tank construction: HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Beside the positive usage qualities, which are far superior to those made of steel, this material is recommended for individual solutions: Due to its good molding qualities individ­ual require­ments are optimally feasible for fuel and/or water tank systems.


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CCM Tank Systems – Essential for professionals


eady for continuous use from -45 to +85 °C
Revolts static electricity
Highly robust against UV light
Self lubricating
Permitted for the transport of food (FDA)
Up to 50 % lighter than conventional auxiliary tanks
Suitable for biodiesel and vegetable oil
10-year leak-proof guarantee


4, 5 or 6 flood chambers for maximized mechanical stability

reduced liquid movement, minimal noise
Catch-tank system for an uninterrupted fuel supply in every position, remaining
   fuel cantity only 1.5-2.5 %
Filling flange and air release
Extraction section with inlet and outlet in a welded PE flange with bulkhead screw
Suction pipe and TOYOTA-tank sieve (easy cleaning)
Welded PE flange for TOYOTA tank sensor
Optional double strength HD underride protection for that high-level security
   feeling in harsh conditions


Easy mounting

The incorporated self-supporting stainless steel construction is screwed to
   anchor-points on the vehicle.
Optional VA stainless-steel belt system (see image at the top) additionally
   strengthens the suspension and provides that ultimate heavy-duty feeling
Incl. CCM mounting kit with all necessary parts and detailed ­instruction manual


Zusatz-Kraftstofftank 175 Liter für TOYOTA Landcruiser HZJ 78


Practical example

CCM-auxilliary tank 175 liters for TOYOTA Landcruiser HZJ 78
Case: HDPE, 12-15 mm thick
Weight: approx. 30 kg
Pressure test: internal 7.25 psi



Fuel distribution/extraction

Welded PE flange for mounting the original TOYOTA extraction section with inlet and outlet (suction pipe with sieve; cleaning possible) or bulkhead screw connection.


Blockflansch für TOYOTA-Zusatztank

For the integration with production fuel systems we recommend original TOYOTA magnet valves for inlet and outlet as well as the original TOYOTA dashboard switches.
Alternatively switching is also possible with manual 2-/3 way ball valve.



It is possible to fill the main tank by gravity or pump.
Optimum nominal width up to 12 mm in the extraction section also guarantees the trouble-free removal of vegetable oil at low temperatures .

The original TOYOTA tank sensor is compatible with the production fuel gauge. At the touch of a button the filling stages are exactly indicated. No second fuel gauge is needed!



Custom manufacturing and an easy servicing

CCM fuel and water tanks are manufactured in small series or individually according to customer‘s specifications in the CC-Manufaktur in Senden (Germany). The compliance and improvement qualities are regularly supervised externally. Whether replacement or auxiliary tank system: The mounting is uncomplicated, the servicing simple, and even in the unlikely case of a repair, there is no need to deplete any brainwork due to cost-efficient extrusion welding.


Tankfertigung mit Extruderschweißung

For special applications/requirements please ask us!

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