The Landcruiser Specialists factory

Developement and fabrication of use orientated facilities for the TOYOTA Landcruiser – Heavy-Duty from more than 30 Years of 4x4-experience


4x4-Werkstatt Cruiser-Connection


CCM is the factory and service station directly inside the 4 walls of Cruiser-Connection. Let your Landcruiser dream become reality and also profit from three decades of 4x4 experience. Whether expedition, rescue, auxiliary service, Train vehicle or Working vehicle: We know what goes and how it goes. We build your desired vehicle with speaking to you.

Development/Fabrication individual solutions, upgrades and rebuilds
 Cabin systems made from high-tech compound materials: monocoque
   cabin system UPUAUT II
 Suspension and development – series and special solutions
 Wheels and Tyres
 Engines: Performance and improvements, exhaust-emission systems
Bumpers, Bars

Winch systems
(Auxilliary-)Tank systems for fuel and drinking water
 Fuel systems for vegetable oil fuel technic
 Vehicle heating
 Air filter systems
 Power supply systems
Audio and navigation systems
Anti-theft systems
Cavity preservation with airless spray system
 Special builds from wood, metal, plastics or fibre-glass
 Technical rally and travel preparation
 Various other vehicle reconstructions, just ask us

 Break test stand
4x4 fitting service
TÜV- Special certifications


NEW: Car rentals from 40,-€/day, Vehicle pick-up and delivery service.
    Please ask us!

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Turbo systems, Intercooler, gear tuning ... >> more

  CCM tank systems