NEW: Power Kit Deluxe 1 HZ

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Consisting of:
- Camshaft with optimised performance characteristics
- Manifold HS-01 CC J7 HERTZ, stainless steel 304, chromium-plated and polished
- CCM-ESP-Compensator-KIT III for J7-1HZ 9908-0108
- Pump cap with HA compensator
- Adaptor set for EGR-Sensor and original suction bridge.

The "sharp" CCM-camshaft brings more torque in the lower and middle rpm-range.
The temperature management of the engine is not negatively influenced by water or on the exhaust side. On the contrary: in connection with the professional manifold a reduction in exhaust temperatures is achieved. The stability of the engine remains absolutely unchanged. There is no increased fuel consumption.

The CCM-manifold improves the combustion process due to optimised exhaust gas routing. This signifies an increase of torque and engine power, even lowering the fuel consumption. The average performance gain amounts to 10-15 HP according to air filter and pump settings.

The CCM-ESP-Kit with height compensation solves the basic problems to performance (starting and drive weakness) as well as „Height asthma“ of all HZJ 70 with the factory installed exhaust-gas return system! After fitting the injection pump the original factory condition is achieved without the EGR system. This is necessary to restore the basis potential of the 1 HZ engine. Further optimisation provides the desired increase in performance.

With the CCM-Performance-Kit Deluxe a vehicle and engine adapted solution is achieved, which is conceptually superior to the turbocharger. Rev-happiness and an optimised torque curve provide a far better performance development.
You will hardly recognise the driving dynamics of your Landcruiser. Agility and driving reward with the 1HZ engine – who would have thought it?!

The Kit is also available for vehicles of other ages and in different variations.
In addition, the Kits components are individually available. We can advise you what is best for your vehicle. Please ask!

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