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Project: Integrated cabin UPUAUT II


Integral cabin construction made in Germany

Available with or without vehicle or as diy-kit.


UPUAUT II: Gewichtsneutraler GFK-Integralaufbau

Close-to-series 3-D Rendering of the UPUAUT II


The UPUAUT II is - in opposite to the UPUAUT I - not a complete vehicle, but a cabin construction, suitable for e.g.

TOYOTA Landcruiser BJ, PZJ, HZJ 75, 78 und 79 Pick-Up, Hilux and some other pick-ups of several brands.


Design, Development and Construction

The UPUAUT II is a very light but sturdy integral construction for the TOYOTA Landcruiser Serie BJ/PZJ/FZJ/HZJ 75/78/79 and pick-ups of some other manufacturers, this monocoque construction is built from high tech compound plastics. It is the answer to years of questions for an offroad suitable construction and the successor to the complete-vehicle project Upuaut I (Desert Flea) based on the HZJ 73/74.


At the beginning was a vision

The idea was to construct an exciting alcove accentuated solution that followed the modern design and character of the Toyota Landcruiser BJ/HZJ 75/78/79 without slipping into the dreaded "camper look".


The solution

The ingenious pop-up top system with sturdy insulated side walls which even in its closed position with an inside headroom of 1,70 m can be comfortably slept in. Cab and cabin are openly combined with no restrictions.
The dimensions for the Upuaut II are not only optimised for the Landcruiser but also for ship containers for easy shipping. Its use under extreme conditions are varied e.g for expeditions, working vehicle, auxilliary and rescue vehicle or as an ambulance.

Approximate Measurements and Weights in mm

Back Variaties

Pop up top back side

All our goals have been met and the vision becomes day by day reality.

The prototype will leave our production at the beginning of 2010 and deployed for hard testing. The Upuaut II mass production is anticipated for summer 2010.


We'll keep you posted!



Approximate measurements and weight


Maße des UPUAUT II auf HZJ 78


Example: UPUAUT II on Toyota Landcruiser 78

Kerb weight incl. car: 2150 kg

Measurements over all: L 5564, W 2006, H 2460

Inside hight closed: 1670 mm

Inside hight open: 2222 mm


UPUAUT II mit geschlossenem Aufbau


UPUAUT II mit geöffnetem Aufbau


> download PDF (yet german)



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