Project Euro 5 (Euro V)

Euro 5 for new vehicles (TOYOTA Landcruiser series J7-1HZ)

With this SCRT-System the 1HZ engine meets tougher emission legislations world wide for Euro 5. We use this system as a simple add-on application for exhaust gas aftertreatment in the front part of the exhaust system.

There will be no changes for the engine or the engine peripheres like fuel pump, injector or air intake. There will be no exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) reducing torque.

The pure 1HZ feeling will stay the same!

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System description

The CRT® (Continuous Regeneration Technology) effect is used to break down the soot that collects in the particulate filter. The oxidation catalytic converter installed upstream converts the nitrogen oxide (NO) in the exhaust gases to nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The particulate filter then uses this nitrogen dioxide (NO2) to continuously oxidise and burn off the particulate matter residues (PM or soot oxidation).
The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system installed downstream now plays its part in reducing the level of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The urea-based additive (a reduction agent) carried on board and known by the brand name AdBlue® is admixed to the exhaust gases after the diesel particulate filter (SMF®). This reduction agent is thermally and catalytically converted to ammonia (NH3). This ammonia is then used – in combination with the SCR catalytic converter – to convert the nitrogen oxides (NOx) into the harmless substances nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).



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