Cabin car UPUAUT I / Integral system UPUAUT II

The UPUAUT project

(Name of an egyptian god "the road opener")


UPUAUT I mit hochgestelltem Dach


Picture: UPUAUT I on a TOYOTA Landcruiser series J7-MWB


The concept car UPUAUT I is now history, and has made way for the cabin UPUAUT II which is nearly ready to go into mass production. Probably from autumn, 2010 you will be able to see and buy the new version here. Read how things are progressing here >projects!


The story of the UPUAUT project

Alexander Schwarz says:„ Over the course of the years I have recognized that it is not possible to purchase equipment, how I wanted it, flexible robust and light weight. Autarkic long distance traveling under severe conditions was often not possible with this material. Commendated materiasl on different trips did not hold what they promised. Concepts were not intended to an end or the shares did not stand firm to the extreme real conditions. This equipment was not detailed obviously in the approach and had become gesture-continual extremely enough. I had never really been disappointed exclusively by a share: to Toyota Landcruiser!

Because of the experiences bought expensive every now and then till then I resolved to take in hand the problems independently. Thus originated during several expedition traveling and after many years' development of the UPUAUT I.

The UPUAUT I is a complete vehicle and is based on Toyota Landcruiser HZJ 73 or 74. He is equipped with a very light, but high-level-stable quick change construction. The vehicle together with construction takes part more or less in everything and distinguishes itself by high everyday efficiency. "


TOYOTA Landcruiser J7-MWB mit UPUAUT I


Technical data with cabin, tanks and spare wheel

Nett weight: 2360 kg
Dimensions: L: 4870 mm, B: 1860 mm, H: 2580 mm
Performance: 115 kW
Top speed: 160 km/h


The main reconstruction consists of

CC-UPUAUT suspension (Store: Art. 10516; Here with adjustable racing sport shock absorbers with a seperate reservoir. These shock absorbers are of incalcuable value. The adaption to your driving style, terrain and load is unbelievably good.

CC-Performance optimisation:
EGR-Easy removal, optimised fuel suppy etc. supported with the following products:
CC-MaxFlow (Store: Art. 10408)
Genie-Fan Manifold (Store: Art. 10411)
Performance Aluminium Wheel (Store: Art. 10467)
CC-F02 Heavy-Duty-Bumper front (Store: Art. 11023)
CC-H02 Heavy-Duty-Bumper rear (Store: Art. 11072)
CC-Auxilliary tank (Store: Art. 10995-10997)
Integrated 200-Liter-Fuel tank under the Cabin floor.
The main tank is filled using gravity feed, because the sub-tank sits higher than the main tank. There is only a stop cock which means no pump or valve can become faulty.
CC-Water tank (Store: Art. 11005 for special fabrications)
130 Liter Polyethylen made to measure Water tank, fitted around the space behind the seats and floor moulding. Extraction takes place using a pressure pump through a water tap or exterior shower. If a pump becomes damaged the extraction can be done by using an additional tap point. The tank can be easily filled using a water hose or buckets. It's also possible, after changing the pipe connections to use the pressure pump to fill the tanks.


Der UPUAUT I in Algerien


The Cabin

Quick changeable screw connection to the original hard-top mountings, no modifications needed. Fit exact, dust and waterproof.

Nett weight approx. 160 kg, robust and flexible: Technic used in the glider building industry brings high levels of strength and elasticity as well as low balancing point displacement
Travel ready total weight with vehicle: over 2.190 kg
Monocoque construction: Hand laminated with fibre-glass protection, no glue seams on outside casing, scratch-proof structured surface
Aerodynamic: No wind noise, low fuel consumption, controllable handling


Features and technic

One-piece rear door with safety lock and seperate step tread
Poptop with gas-filled telescopic cylinders (max. height: 2,50 m)
Tent piece made from waterproof Airtex. Three windows with moskito net.
2 double glazed windows, 700 mm x 300 mm, mit Roll blind and moskito net.
Furniture in integral construction, heavy-duty, easy maintainance floor covering. Four piece table suite, convertable to a 1750 mm x 1003 mm bed. Cupboard with shelves and side-door, roomy storage boxes on both sides. 60 mm upholstery made form high quality foam and hard wearing covering. Folding alcove bed, 1550 mm x 2000 mm.
2 burner spirit stove. Stainless-steel sink with external drainage and water tap, shower optional. Water supply with pressure pump from a 130 Liter tank (mounted inside vehicle),12 or 24 Volt facility with 2 transistor energy saving lights.  Compressor refridgerator optional.


The Cabin UPUAUT I (individual item) is for sale. See CC-Store!

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