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Choose for yourself which suspension system you would like to travel with.CCM offers custom solutions for your vehicle to optimise it for your special purposes.


With our combined leaf and coil spring systems you can configure your own suspension.

It is important to remember that a spring supports the weight and sets the vehicles ride height.

It determines the optimum limits of the suspension travel and is a major contributor to the vehicle's ride and handling. But a spring cannot operate effectively without a correctly matched shock absorber.


Choose CCM suspension solutions

TOYOTA-Landcruiser Suspension Kit



Travel / Expedition

Touring- and Heavy-Duty Suspension



Raid / Competition

Sport- and Racing Suspension




Suspension for armoured vehicles



Examples of our complete kits

– CC-UPUAUT-Suspension

Fahrwerk-Komplettlkit für TOYOTA Landcruiser: CC-UPUAUT  suspension



CC-Expedition Super-Heavy-Duty

Fahrwerk-Komplettlkit für TOYOTA Landcruiser: CC-Expedition Super  Heavy Duty

Quality class expedition suspension for permanent middle to maximum loads.


Coil spings front axle: 18 mm instead of 15 mm gauge

Leaf springs rear axle: 11 instead of 8 leaves



Engineering and Production

CCM suspensions and components are developed to all modern standards and are produced by well-known Australian and European manufacturers to our specifications.


TOYOTA-Landcruiser: Fahrwerks-Komponenten

All our products are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures according to ISO 9002. Quality and safety is our top priority.




Leaf springs

CCM-Blattfeder für TOYOTA Landcruiser


1. Military Wrapper

Where possible, a Military Wrapper is used as a safety mechanism to aid the vehicle's steering in case of the main leaf breaking.


2. Drawn, Tapered and Diamond Cut Leafs

To assist in Load Distribution and reduce Inter Leaf Friction which occurs at the end of the leaves.


3. Design Characteristics

All leaf lengths are designed and calculated to achieve a High Performance spring. Inappropriate leaf lengths will concentrate stress in one particular area and will cause premature sagging or breaking.


4. Scrag testing

The springs are scragged to 90% of the Yield Stress of the material used. scragging is a process whereby the spring is load tested to be straight or reversed curvature to relieve and prevent sag.


5. Inter Leaf Anti-Friction Liners

Reduce friction at the tip of the leaves where the load is greatest in the spring.


6. Quality Control

Stringent quality control procedures for heat treatment processes at all phases of the manufacturing processes ensure CCM springs are made the same exceptional way every time.



Coil Springs

Original equipped coil springs are prone to sagging especially the rear and therefore cannot satisfactorily carry increased loads.


CCM Coil Springs are developed to increase the load capacity without changing the ride height. This gives better load carrying capacity for heavy loads and enhances the road handling while also improving towing capacity. In most cases the coil is 20% - 40% stronger than the original OEM coil.


CCM-Schraubenfeder für TOYOTA Landcruiser


We also have in some cases a Progressive Rate Design Spring to suit some particular vehicle needs. This is achieved by making the pitch distance between the coils closer together at one end leaving less active coils working in the spring.

This increases the rates tremendously giving better load capacity. We have a large range of coil springs and are continuously expanding our range. Apart from the requirements for your vehicle, we always have the precise springs needed for on- and off-road demands.




End Configurations

Engineered coil ends are designed to fit the vehicle correctly.


Coils formed

Every coils spring is precisely placed by a programmable logic computer to achieve perfect pitch. This is very important in Variable and Progressive Rate Springs.


Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is unseen and is the most important process in coil spring manufacturing process. Hardening and tempering is completed by a very accurate electronically controlled furnace to eliminate breakage.


Powder Coat Finish

The powder coat finish is baked on to give a lasting protective coating to help eliminate rust.


Fully tested

CCM Coil Springs are scragged 100% to eliminate subsequent springs sag and load tested to ensure that they meet and maintain the required specifications.


Shackle and Pins

Shackle and pins are manufactured from 2.0 mm hardened Carbon Steel. A special finish allows greater dispersion and increases a higher resistance to rust for a longer life.



Polyurethane bushes will give a greater extended life than a rubber bush. The material is resistant to minerals, petrochemical, salt water and extreme temperatures.


Steering Dampers

CCM Steering Dampers are all heavy-duty with a 30mm bore and are fitted with high temperature oil and a multi stage valve. With these qualities, these steering dampers have an improved control and give a smoother operation in 4x4 conditions. They reduce fade, shimmy and wear on tyres and other front-end parts.


Torsion Bar

CCM Torsion Bars are approximately 25% thicker than standard. The thicker bar diameter gives a dynamic increase in the spring rate eliminating hard bottoming when off-road and gives better handling on-road. They are especially beneficial when oversized tyres, winches or bull bars are installed. These torsion bars are easy to install.

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